Recommended: Watch The Social Dilemma on NetFlix

So I watched this documentary today and immediately assigned it as homework to my kids (we’ll see if they actually watch it).

To a point, I was aware of some of the issues behind social media and how the tailored content works to influence users and keep them coming back for more. What I liked about this film was that it gave me more justification when urging my children to spend less time on their devices.

That said, this is well beyond just a parenting issue. This is a societal crisis. It spreads further than just trying to use us for ad revenue. We are getting more and more divisive on everything. People are fighting to the death (literally) while standing up for one side of a cause out the other, when many times they are only doing so because they feel like “everyone else” feels the same.

Have you watched it? What do you think?

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