The Insider Threat Podcast Episode 10: Florida Man!

In this episode we cover lots of real-world examples of insider threat incidents, the nefarious “Florida Man, behavior characteristics of malicious insiders, and more. Don’t touch that dial!

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In this episode we cover lots of real-world examples of insider threat incidents, the nefarious “Florida Man, behavior characteristics of malicious insiders, and more. Don’t touch that dial!
Welcome back! This is episode 10 of The Insider Threat podcast, for the week of July 17th, 2017.
We’ve had some pretty hot weather this week in my neck of the woods, and it looks like it has been the same for many of you.
We’ve also had some pretty high-profile data leaks recently, which we will cover in more detail later.
I’ve been working very hard to get some interviews for you guys, but I’m learning that coordination for those interviews isn’t as quick as I originally thought. In any case, I’ll cross my fingers and hope that I can get something setup very soon.
So we made it to double digits in our episode count, and I’m still really excited to be doing this. The feedback and discussions have been great.
If you aren’t already on the subreddit, you really should be. I’ve also set up an IRC channel that can be found on the subreddit so we can chat throughout the work week. A few of you have been on there, and the topics have been really fun. Just watch out for those pesky ducks.
Infosec Question of the Week:
Last week’s question was “For the first time on July 4th, 1956, a computer user had the ability to enter commands with a keyboard. What was the name of the computer that made this possible?
The answer was “MIT’s Whirlwind”.
Congratulations to Jarod from Oakland, Emery from Memphis, Charles from Ottawa, Tammy from San Antonio, And Noah from New York for getting the correct answer.
Question for this week: “In July of 1990 a video game designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi was released by Nintendo. It went on the become one of the most well-known game franchises in history. What was the name of this game?”
Send your response to Be sure to include your first name, location, and the hashtag “bahamut”.
We’ve got some news again! It isn’t every week that I’m able to find a relevant example of an insider causing disruption for an organization, but we’ve got several this week.
When ex-workers attack (again): man used Trojan to cause havoc
The Growing Insider Threat
Fired Employee Hacks and Shuts Down Smart Water Readers in Five US Cities (Catalin, I’m really sorry if I just butchered your name)
Imperva Insider Threats Study Finds More Than Half of IT Security Professionals Are Concerned About Careless Users Putting Data at Risk (now that is a long title)
Businesses warned of insider cyber threat
Thought of the Week:
Our thought of the week comes from H. Jackson Brown, Jr., a famous American author who wrote Life’s Little Instruction Book. He said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
Thank you for listening to episode 10 of The Insider Threat podcast. Please remember to subscribe and review in your favorite podcast app, and also share with everyone you know! Those reviews are key to building this out and improving for later episodes, so please feel free to leave suggestions.
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You can contact me on twitter @stevehigdon or send an email to Join our Reddit community and discussions on the subreddit named insider threat. If you have a hard time finding it, shoot me an email. We have had some people add articles there this week, which is great and I strongly encourage it. As you can see, they might even be used in the show. The subreddit is also where you’ll also find the show notes for this and any other episode, as well as links to the topics we’ve covered.
Thanks again and I’ll see you folks next time!
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