The Insider Threat Podcast Episode 8: NotPetya, Case Studies, and Security Roundtables

This week’s episode is about NotPetya, a case study for thwarting medical insiders, an information security roundtable discussion, and more!

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Show Notes:
Welcome back! This is episode 8 of The Insider Threat podcast, for the week of July 3rd, 2017.
I’m so happy with the progress that we have been able to make so far. As of the last time I checked, this is being listened to in 21 different countries, which is far more than I ever thought possible.
As for the guest interviews, I am still working on some testing and scheduling. Stay tuned, as I think it will add an interesting aspect to the show in the future. If you can help me convince my family to stop getting sick all at once, that could certainly help as well.
The subreddit is getting even more attention this week, and I wanted to thank you for submitting your articles. If they are relevant and add to the theme of the show, there is a good chance that I will use them, as you’ll see in a little bit.
Last week’s question was “In the late 1980’s, the Computer Emergency Response Team (or CERT) was formed by U.S. Defense Agencies. Where was it initially based?”
The answer was “Carnegie Mellon University”.
Congratulations to Nikki from Los Angeles, William from Louisville, Elliott from Boise, and Ian from Charlotte for getting the correct answer.
So I completely missed someone who answered last week’s question correctly. Please accept my belated congratulations to Luke from Sacramento.
Question for this week: “In 1981, Europe’s largest group of hackers was started. Today, it has about 5500 registered members and has been characterized as one of the most influential digital organizations anywhere. What is the name of this organization?”
Send your response to Be sure to include your first name, location, and the hashtag “Easter”.
Our thought of the week comes from Pele, a Brazilian who is widely considered the greatest soccer player of all time. He said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
Thank you for listening to episode 8 of The Insider Threat podcast. Please remember to subscribe and review in your favorite podcast app, and also share with everyone you know! Those reviews are key to building this out and improving for later episodes, so please feel free to leave suggestions.
You can contact me on twitter @stevehigdon or send an email to Join our Reddit community and discussions the subreddit named insiderthreat. If you have a hard time finding it, shoot me an email. We have had some people add articles there this week, which is great and I strongly encourage it. As you can see, they might even be used in the show. The subreddit is also where you’ll also find the show notes for this and any other episode, as well as links to the topics we’ve covered.
Thanks again and I’ll see you folks next time!

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