6 Steps to Building a Better Tomorrow

To everyone that actually cares:
I saw a video on a blog this morning that identified a liberal city councilwoman in Denver who was trying to change the behavior of the city’s citizens. That was the point of the video anyway. It was really a 15 second clip of a woman that said she wanted to put a small tax on plastic grocery bags so people will start using reusable ones instead.
The sad thing is that people actually responded to that message. People get caught up with the petty things in our politics and fail to see the things that actually matter. They let the media tell them what their feelings are because they are too lazy to figure it out for themselves. They think they are too far outside and do not have the wisdom to have an original opinion.
As most of you know, I am conservative. I am only mentioning this to express my lack of bias in this particular case. I am getting sick of the country that I love. I have been a public servant for almost as long as I have been of the age to do so and I think we need a change. This change isn’t going to come from politicians on any side, but from the people.
Change. The word reminds me of President Obama’s 2008 campaign for election. The reason it was successful is because all Americans have a deep desire for something different. He tapped into that beautifully, but the execution has been horrible.
Our forefathers created this “Great Experiment” in hopes that things would be different. They even wanted a change back then, and it was unforeseeably successful. They created a nation that could rule itself with structure.
The President is not supposed to be the most important governing position in our country. When President George Washington designed our nation’s capital, there is a reason that he put Congress on the hill and the White house off to the side. There is a reason that the capital building is the tallest in the district. There is a reason that the President is sworn in on the Capital steps. Our legislature is what was designed to set our country apart from the rest of the world. It has also had a hand in making things how they are today.
The biggest problem is with the political parties.I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it. No one person can really cause that much trouble for our country. Even so, we are at the mercy of the two main parties for our choice. These days, we aren’t picking the best person possible for any political office. We are only picking out of the two that their respective parties think would be most likely to win. So many of our history’s great leaders wouldn’t even be options today.Instead, we get cookie-cutter candidates who are puppets to the polls and political parties.
The power to make a change has always been with the citizens, but we have either been too afraid or too ignorant to do so. I challenge all of you with this:
1. Demand that your respective political party give you better representatives for your needs.
2. Demand that your peers stop focusing on silly little jabs at the opposition.
3. Tell Fox News and MSNBC to start giving you unbiased news that actually matters to you.
4. If any of the above is unsuccessful, have the courage to look for alternatives.
5. Encourage the people you care about to do the same.
6. Encourage your children to become hard working, self-sustaining adults that are true to their word and their families.
We can make the changes that we have been looking to our political leaders to make. After all, we are the ones who put them there. The power is ours. We need to stop complaining and do something about our situation. They might be the board of directors, but we are certainly the shareholders in this organization.

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