How to Make the Absolute Best Popcorn on the Stove!

How to Make the Absolute Best Popcorn on the Stove!
Anyone who knows me personally is aware of my dedication to the dream of making the best possible popcorn. This recipe and method may not be the easiest, and certainly isn’t the healthiest, but if you follow these steps I can virtually guarantee that you and your guests will keep talking about this stovetop popcorn again and again. I do not claim to be a chef and I have never been formally educated in the culinary arts. My popcorn is the product of years of trial, error, and experience.
Without further adieu, I want to tell you all how to make Steve’s Famous Stove-top Popcorn!
First, we should probably go over the ingredients:
1 Tbsp Bacon Grease (I usually save mine in the fridge after I make bacon for breakfast)
½ Stick of Real Unsalted Butter
1 Large Pot with Lid
Popcorn Kernels (I usually keep them refrigerated, but I don’t know why)
Nutritional Yeast (Found in most health food stores)
Garlic Salt
Large Bowl (Big enough to fit the popcorn and shake without spilling too much)
1. Start off by putting the bacon grease in the pan and heat until it is fully melted. Then turn it off.
2. Add just enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the pot without piling up.
3. Cut the butter into thin slices and scatter them on top of the kernels.
4. Add a few shakes of garlic salt.
5. Turn stove on to Medium heat and cover the pot.
6. As soon as the popcorn starts popping, start shaking the pot slightly every few seconds to keep it from burning.
7. Keep this up until you hear the popping slow to a rate of one or two seconds per pop.
8. Remove from stove and transfer to large bowl.
9. Add garlic salt and nutritional yeast to taste*, shake to mix, and serve!
*Most people are nervous about the yeast at first. It is completely inactive (not the kind used for baking) and is used by many people as a substitute for cheese. Don’t be scared! The yeast is probably the best part!
As long as you didn’t burn the house down, you should have a very tasty snack in your possession!
Please let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. I am constantly trying to improve on my recipe, so I am open to any suggestions you may have as well. Let me know how to make your favorite popcorn on the stove.

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