5 Simple Steps to Get the New iPhone for FREE! (Seriously)

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What do you guys do with your old iPhones? What if I told you that I have always had the newest iPhone and I only paid for the first one? If you have AT&T, you could upgrade to a new iPhone for FREE by following the 5 simple steps below (and maybe even get a good case for it, too)!
1.  Check to make sure that you are eligible for an upgrade by logging into your AT&T account or calling customer service.
2.  Look on eBay to make sure a FACTORY UNLOCKED version of your current iPhone is selling for $200 or more.
3.  Go to the AT&T or Apple Store and upgrade to the new iPhone.
4.  As soon as you get home from the store (don’t talk and drive), call AT&T and tell them you would like your old iPhone UNLOCKED. They might give you a link to a website that doesn’t work and takes weeks. Tell them, “I have tried to use the website many times before and it has never worked for me. The last time I tried to do this, the person told me to just call from now on.” They should do it for you the same day and give you instructions on how to unlock it. If not, you may have to do the website thing and wait a week. (Note: AT&T will not unlock your iPhone if it is currently being used on your account. You have to upgrade first.)
5.  When your phone is unlocked, sell it on eBay (if you have never done this before, CLICK HEREto learn how!). I always say free shipping and avoid international buyers, but that’s just what works for me. I also set the reserve to just under what you expect to get ($200 or $250 in this case. Try not to get greedy). The key is to get the payment for your old iPhone as quickly as possible. Since you already spent the money on the upgrade, think of it as a 100% rebate! (Note: If you plan on doing this again, SAVE YOUR BOX! iPhones sell faster, easier, and for much more if you include the original box and accessories, especially close to holidays.)
That’s it. I have done these 5 simple steps to get the newest iPhone for free for every version of the iPhone (except the iPhone 3GS, which I never owned) and it has worked for me every time. A few years ago, AT&T made this process much easier when they started unlocking phones. Before that, we had to jailbreak and unlock them ourselves.
If you have any questions or other methods of performing this awesome process, please let me know in the comments section below!

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