12 Steps to Make Money Online Easily by Blogging

Many of you have asked me how to make money online, simply by maintaining a blog. Well, I have listened to your questions and just like my walk-through on easily writing a research paper, I am going to attempt in at least putting you in the right direction. Continue reading to find the 12 steps to make money online easily by blogging. If my instructions are unclear or you need help in any way, please leave me a comment at the bottom, on twitter, or even Google+. I would love to know how I can make someone’s life easier.
Maintaining a blog is a great way to earn money while working at home. One thing that many people tell me is that they don’t have anything to write about. To be honest, that is perfectly fine. Topics come much easier than you would think. All you have to do is turn on the TV, look at a magazine, or hold a conversation with a random person for more than 10 seconds to generate an opinion on something, and the best part about a blog is that your opinions don’t even have to be completely supported by facts.
1. The first step in starting a blog is to pick a blogging platform. Personally, I like Google’s Blogger because it easily integrates with Google+, YouTube, and Adsense. They make it very easy to set up and customize your blog as well. Click here for 9 reasons to use Google for all your blogging needs.
2. After you set up your blog, you should sign up for a Google Adsense account. If I remember correctly, it doesn’t take long and you don’t even have to give them financial information right away (you don’t get paid until you make at least $100US).
3. Integrate the blog with your Adsense account. To do this, click on the “Earnings” tab on the left of your blog’s dashboard and follow the instructions. As long as you use the same Google account for everything, it is very simple to do.
4. Edit the layout of your blog to maximize your ad-earning potential. The best places to put ads are where your readers will see them, even though it makes you feed obnoxious. I recommend putting them on the top, side, between articles, and on the bottom. The thing is, Google only allows you to display three ads per page, and if you promote the link to just one of your posts there won’t be multiple articles to squeeze an ad between (which is ideal). For this reason, I added another ad position on the bottom of the page and if it isn’t used, that is just fine. Does that make sense?
5. To get even more ad revenue from your blog, I suggest setting up in-text ads. Those are the little links under specific words in my articles. They are pretty unobtrusive, yet allow you to have more than the default three ads per page. I have been using InfoLinks for a while, and I am impressed with the performance. The only downside with going through them is that it might take a few days for your account to be approved.
6. Now that you have your blog set up, it’s time to start blogging! Anything that comes to your mind is fine, but you can only expect to earn a decent amount of money if you have content that people want to view, and also matches up with higher paying ads. Don’t just post a few articles and expect to hit it rich, either. Make blogging a part of your routine and knock out at least a few every week. Starting out, I would actually suggest more – once or twice per day. Remember, one or two pictures could be the difference between getting people to click on your link or not.
7. Now that you have blog entries, you need to find a way to get people to see them. There are many things you can do for this. First, get a Twitter account and do whatever you can to gain followers. To start, follow people who are into the same things you are writinTwitterFeed, that do it for you. I use it and it wor

ks great.
g about. More than likely, they will follow you back. Stay away from #followback and internet twitter follower increasing scams. What you really want is people who pay attention to what you say and want to click the links to your blog articles. You can manually share your articles on twitter, but there are free services out there like

8. Promote your articles through your friends and family. There is nothing wrong with sharing everything you do on Facebook, then asking your friends to do the same.
9. Join blog search engines like Technorati so people can find your blog. Note: Getting approval from Technorati seems to take forever. For me, it was over a week.
10. Use services like PingOMatic, which ping your blog from search engines like Google and Yahoo and can increase your position for searches, also helping people find you.
11. Consider also starting a YouTube channel, where you can also use Adsense ads to make money. The beauty behind this is that you can then promote your videos on your blog, which gives you the opportunity to get double the amount of ad views.
12. Finally, and probably most importantly, create a StumbleUpon account and add the page for every post you make. You can actually sit and watch your page views go up immediately after you do this, which is pretty cool.
That’s pretty much it. Keep in mind that the process is very slow at first, but if you follow these 12 steps to make money online easily by blogging, keep with it, and find your own ways to market to current and future readers, people have gotten quite a bit of money. For other ways to make money online, check out my 4 proven ways to make money online.
Again, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections, questions, or comments, please feel free to use the section below, find me on Twitter, or send a message on Google+.

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