Paper Cuts are the Worst… or Are They? State Department blasts 3D Printable Weapons

Hi People!

How many of you have heard about the newest use of 3D printing technology? Now there are actual designs for weapons and weapon parts that can be printed. The implications are crazy! Imagine a world where people can just print out their own home arsenal for whatever reason they want?

Well the government finally weighed in on the issue after released its plans and files for 3D weapon printing to the general public. The U.S. State Department sent Cody Wilson (owner of a letter stating that the company is banned from sharing or distributing the files until after their operation and actions are reviewed by the State Dept.

This can be a fairly scary subject from a gun control perspective, especially when you think of background checks, weapon registration, serial numbers, etc. On the other hand, I like the proof on how far our technology has come. Think of other uses for 3D printing, like computer or construction hardware, quick 3D models for school or business projects, on-the-fly toys for cranky kids, the list can go on forever!

What do you guys think? Should be allowed to distribute these plans? How are they technically different than blueprints for traditional weapons (freely available online)? Is the government “shooting down” ingenuity and innovation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

For the original story, click the link below:
State Dept. Shoots Down 3D Printable Gun

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