Unlikely Heroes

Hey there Folks,

I should probably be working on homework right now since I have about 24 pages worth of papers to finish this week, but I just had something that I thought you would be interested in hearing about.

I just met a man who worked in the Pentagon during the time of September 11th, 2001. He told me he was walking around the outside ring when the plane hit and that if the crash had occurred just forty seconds earlier, he would have been hit directly by the burning, twisted metal that used to be American Airlines Flight 77. After speaking with him more about his experiences, I also learned that he is a cancer survivor and that he was in the military for twenty-three years. He listed off quite a few places where his country sent him around the world, most of which I have never even heard of.

I told him he was lucky and that he must have a great purpose in this life to have survived the events that have left such dark blemishes on the face of his own history. Instead of giving into my positive remark, he went on to tell me about all the people throughout his time that had left an impact on his character, yet lost their lives in one event or another.

These are the people that make our country what it is. I was so inspired by the life of this man that I thought I should share the little part of his story that passed between us during our brief encounter. I regret not even knowing his name.

I don’t usually post inspirational thoughts or feelings, but I ask you all to take a look at your own lives and ask yourself what you have contributed to yourself, your family, your community, or your country. I know I will.


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