Plurals, Tax Season and March Madness!

Good morning blogger follower people,

I want to start off with something that I actually feel bad about. I don’t consider myself a very petty person at all, but if you know me and you have witnessed something to the contrary, please let me know in the comments. For the past two days of class, I have had an instructor that throws his two Master’s degrees around about as often as he does $5 (or more) words. Some people just get their jollies from bragging about their education, and I don’t really even have a problem with that. Even though he is one of the smartest people on the planet (just ask him), for some reason he is either boycotting plurals or they didn’t teach the concept in any of the schools he attended. For example, I don’t think he knows how to say “tasks” or “databases”, because he has yet to say either, even when he is reading from the projector screen. We all have our quirks with spelling, grammar, or speaking (like my overuse of commas), but you should not publicly judge the people you are teaching because they don’t all know a word you are using if you can’t read.

As all working American citizens should know, we are in the middle of income tax season and there are only about twenty days left to either file your taxes or an extension. I find it interesting that the IRS harps on April 15th every year when it is so easy to file one, two, or more extensions. Luckily, I have already received my return and due to the fact that I have a whole lot of kids, I am quite satisfied with it. I don’t understand how I get more back in taxes than I pay into them and yet the majority of our citizens are attacking the “wealthy” and how they should pay a higher percentage of their income. Just in case anyone missed out on 5th grade math class, the way percentages work is that everyone is already paying more if they make more. Percentages are fair by definition. In my opinion, what we need to do is start getting rid of the exemptions and loopholes. I spoke to someone about my own situation (return) today and they said the reason I get more back than I put in is because I have kids (you think?). In other words, those “wealthy” people are paying me because I have children. Nowadays we are rewarding people for their irresponsibility (not saying I am responsible with my family at all, just an example). In either case and now that my tax rant is out of the way, I recommend and for those of you who want to knock it out quickly online and save yourself from the H&R Block headache.

I would be negligent if I ended this post without saying something about March Madness. Let me start this topic off by admitting that I do not watch any type of basketball. Some people are into it, but I typically hold out for the football season. The biggest question I have heard in the college basketball circles is, “Who the heck is Florida Gulf Coast?” I also understand that many brackets were completely destroyed when they beat Georgetown on Friday. This is however, a fairly typical situation as I understand it. All the little teams come out from under the bridges and surprise the world. What do you guys think about it? Any input would be fantastic, as I am obviously ignorant about the entire topic.
Thanks again for reading my blog! I only have about a month and one week remaining in my training, so after that I will have the ability to post videos again. Stay tuned!


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