Obama, Football, and Taxes

Hello again everyone, 

I just saw the interview with President Obama that took place before the game and it was entertaining to see the back-step about football. For those of you that don’t know, last week he also said in an interview that if he had a son, he would be worried about letting him play the game. This was all due to the recent and ongoing issues with safety, which I discussed in an earlier video or blog post when I pointed out that Junior Saeu’s family was suing the NFL for “wrongful death”. Now the President is saying that he has nothing but respect and appreciation for football and he was not talking badly about professional football, since grown adults sign up for the possible bodily harm they may incur.

The President also spoke about more taxes coming down the pipe, which is funny because he said that was something he wasn’t going to do. When are people going to realize that when you have more federal government regulations (gun control, etc.), government health care (ObamaCare), and an increase in social programs, those things require more money?

Thanks again for reading. I need to get home and try to get some sleep. Today is a big day for me.


Super Bowl, Commercials, Etc.

Well congratulations to all you Ravens fans. It was certainly a red-and-gold sort of day in BurntCoffeeSucks household for Super Bowl XLVII due to my in-laws’ residence in Northern California. Although I initially wanted Baltimore to win since they seemed like the underdogs of the playoffs along with the Ray Lewis story, now I find myself feeling guilty for it. It was a surprisingly exciting game, power issues and conspiracy theories aside. I still have no idea what it would be like to wear the shoes of Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, especially when they know that one of their sons (John or Jim) had to come home without the Lombardi trophy. Do I think that the outcome could have been different if the officials called the last two holding penalties? To quote a French soldier from The Patriot, “Perhaps… We will never know.”

I suppose I should get all the commercial discussion out of the way now, since it is inevitable in either case. The first one that I want to talk about is the trailer for Fast and Furious 6. Now I will start this off by seriously admitting that I enjoyed the first four Fast and Furious movies. The last one completely sucked, in my opinion, and reminded me of a cheap Ocean’s 11 knockoff. This newest one however, really seems to be stretching it. A seemingly secret military organization that combats crime by hiring wanted felons to race cars and play a high-tech version of Mario Cart? Wow.

Iron Man 3 looks like it could be pretty good, but we already knew that one was happening, so it wasn’t necessarily Super Bowl news. I really, really enjoyed the Doritos commercial with the goat. Someone told me that when the ferocious farm animal screamed when all the chips were taken away, their dog actually jumped up out of fear and ran around the house.

There was a pretty good one for Sketchers that had a cheetah chasing a gazelle and just before dinner, the cheetah was caught and tackled by a guy wearing some super-power running shoes. Finally, there was the fantastic Budweiser ad that highlighted the life of a Clydesdale and its relationship with its original owner. Again however, this one wasn’t exactly new because it was leaked a few days ago. The Taco Bell ad was a work of art that made me actually wish I was older, just so I could pretend to be young again and eat horribly fake Mexican food, that will probably result in an extra-long trip to the porcelain throne (one way or the other).

One that I did not find particularly funny or entertaining was the Oreo cookie library fight thing. It is completely unrealistic and any library that was actually that strict should be converted to an online database, its employees fired, and the building burned to the ground to be converted into a landfill for radioactive waste.

I really did not want this post to be completely about the Super Bowl, but it appears that I have run out of time for today. Thanks again for reading and please leave any comments, input, suggestions, jokes, bashes, rants, whatever in the comments section of my blog or follow me on Twitter @BurntSucks.

PS. Changed up the blog template just a bit. Let me know what you think!