Triumph? Blade Runner and ShmooCon 2013

Great news everyone! The Carnival cruise ship “Triumph”, which has been stuck out at sea with a full passenger load for five days has made it to port in Mobile, Alabama. The ship had about 4200 passengers on board and lost power in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine fire on Sunday. Reportedly, there was a food shortage and water/human waste soaked the floors of many cabins and hallways. I really don’t understand why the human waste was an issue, since they were sitting in the middle of the ocean, but I am glad that they all made it back home. Some are worried about negative health effects from being exposed to the heat and waste for so long, but experts doubt there will be any lasting issues. Apparently the passengers are receiving a refund for their trip, $500, and free hotel and travel fare for the trip back home. Is that enough? Tell me what you guys think.

Oscar Pistorius was something of a hero during the most recent Olympic games not only because he is a world class athlete, but because he was able to compete as a double amputee. Nicknamed the “Blade Runner”, Pistorius is a sprinter and received his name by the style of prosthetic legs he used during the games. Now the great story that is the “Blade Runner” has come to a tragic end due to murder charges against Pistorius. His side of the story is that he mistook his girlfriend, Russian model Reeva Steenkamp, as an intruder in the middle of the night and shot her in the arm and head. During the trial today, he broke down into tears when the charge of pre-meditated murder was announced. Even though the bail hearing has been postponed, many believe that bail will be denied because the suspect has a history of running. Get it?

Now moving on, today I will be attempting to get into ShmooCon 2013 in Washington, D.C. I don’t have a ticket, but I know some people who do and I am planning to meet up with them. Hopefully I will be able to make some magic happen and sneak in. The chances are pretty slim, but if nothing else I will get to meet some pretty influential people in the offensive security community. In either case, wish me luck!

Edit: I also wanted to say something about the meteor shower in Russia. It looks like there was a bright flash and quite a few people were injured. There are a ton of videos out there, since (as everyone who watches YouTube knows) just about everyone who drives in Russia has a dash camera. Someone has made quite a bit of money in the video recording industry and they stand to make even more if they change their slogan to “DashCam: Good for Incompetent Drivers AND Interplanetary Debris!” We should likely see some new conspiracy theories about the whole thing in a few day. I don’t know about you guys, but I find the imaginations of those silly people highly entertaining.

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