Obama, Football, and Taxes

Hello again everyone, 

I just saw the interview with President Obama that took place before the game and it was entertaining to see the back-step about football. For those of you that don’t know, last week he also said in an interview that if he had a son, he would be worried about letting him play the game. This was all due to the recent and ongoing issues with safety, which I discussed in an earlier video or blog post when I pointed out that Junior Saeu’s family was suing the NFL for “wrongful death”. Now the President is saying that he has nothing but respect and appreciation for football and he was not talking badly about professional football, since grown adults sign up for the possible bodily harm they may incur.

The President also spoke about more taxes coming down the pipe, which is funny because he said that was something he wasn’t going to do. When are people going to realize that when you have more federal government regulations (gun control, etc.), government health care (ObamaCare), and an increase in social programs, those things require more money?

Thanks again for reading. I need to get home and try to get some sleep. Today is a big day for me.


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